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Key Stage 2 Tudor Days in Schools

How better to study the Tudors at Key Stage 2 (KS2) than to hear it first hand from a Tudor King? Good King Hal (Mike Farley) has been the UK’s number one Henry VIII look-a-like and re-enactor for over five years now, and he specialises in running living history Tudor days for Key Stage 2 pupils in junior schools that are historically accurate, but also funny, easily accessible and have teachers clamouring for his services nationwide. The day covers a range of cross-curricular subjects including history, art, drama, literacy, music and many more, and as you can see from the immensely positive feedback he receives from the schools that he visits, he provides a fun and memorable introduction to the Tudors at Key Stage 2 for both the children and their teachers.

Like his Tudor predecessor, Good King Hal is an accomplished musician and brings a variety of Tudor musical instruments with him. The children can see and hear him play tunes that King Henry would have played and indeed wrote. They also have the chance to look at these fascinating Tudor musical instruments close up.

The designs for his magnificent costumes are based on portraits of King Henry by Hans Holbein and they have been made using authentic techniques and materials so that they are as close to the originals as possible.

The day usually ends with a grand “Tudor Jousting Tournament”! With children riding hobby horses and armed with lances, this non-contact fun race will have the watching children cheering on their favourites, and for those taking part it gives a brief idea of what a real Tudor tournament might have been like. Winners of each daily tournament receive signed certificates on parchment from the King stating that they are the champions of their school for that year!

For more details of the Key Stage 2 Tudor day that Good King Hal can provide for your school, email him at or phone or write to him (details on the 'contact us' page).

Feedback from pupils

These are a few samples of the letters and pictures that school children send Mike following a Good King Hal KS2 Tudor day at their school. They give a bit of an indication of how memorable and enjoyable Mike can make the day for them. (Click on each letter to view a larger version.)

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